Saturday, February 25, 2006

first blog

Well, this is my very first blog ever! I am not accustomed to talking about myself in general. But I have been feeling very isolated, and hope that this will somehow connect me to old friends and new friends alike!
I am currently living in Burbank, CA. Home of TV stars and movie stars and smog. I live with my soon to be husband, Mark, and my two silly cats, Kato and Clouseau. I moved out here from Connecticut to be with my fiance in October 2004. It has been a grueling adjustment, but Mark has been an unwavering support for me. I miss my friends, snow storms, thunderstorms, clean air, good pizza, and Manhatten. I enjoy the year round flowers.
I am getting married in September in Maine. On Monhegan Island to be exact. It's a beautiful place! I will have a new name, which I think is so cool!