Saturday, March 31, 2007


I have learned a whole bunch of good things from lurking around the blog world. I have found some blogs that I love, like Dooce, Whoopee, and a couple of vegetarian blogs like this and this, along with my friends' blogs that I visit pretty much every day. Thanks to Christy, Dave, and Amy.
I have to vent on this one thing I came across the other day which made me so upset Mark had to force me to close my computer and walk away. Wonderland is also a favorite haunt of mine. She's funny and keeps me up to date on current issues. This post made me so unbelievably upset. The kind of mystified, terrified, no-this-can't-be-happening upset. I do live mostly in my own little world, and I like it that way. Then something like this comes along and punches me in the stomach.
Read the post and you will know what I am talking about. Along with other Southern states doing similar things, South Carolina is about to put into effect a Bill(if passed by the Senate) forcing any woman to view an ultrasound before she can get an abortion. I am not going into a debate about abortion, and that is not the real issue for me. The real issue is the forcing bit. I don't agree with forcing anyone to do anything. If I want to go get a pint of Ben and Jerry's and eat it in front of the TV at 1am, should I be forced to look at the clogged arteries of a cadaver before I am allowed to buy it? Will they pry open my eyes with fishing line and hooks and hold my head down?
I wanted to post this for the 5 people who read my blog and hopefully spread the news as to what our politicians are doing.

Burning Burbank

When I said that I would tell you about my 'exciting' life, I was being sarcastic. But I actually have some exciting things to tell you about.
For the most part LA is pretty boring. No thunderstorms, no hurricanes, no hail, no snow, not even rain. Yes rain. In the past year less than 3 inces of rain has fallen here. All the smog grit, exhaust grit, and sand grit just swirls around (it is still nice here, come visit!) with nothing to wash it away into the Pacific ocean. So at this time of year, the winds blow, the temps rise, and, voila, wildfires! Yay!
I was in Hollywood yesterday, when about 1pm I saw this big orange and purple cloud billowing up from behind the hill. It looked like it was about a quarter of a mile away, but it really was 5 miles away. It was a BIG cloud. Mark called me up and told me there is a fire in Burbank, and I headed home. I wasn't worrying at all until I saw how freakin' close it was to our apartment. So I was in a controlled panic mode as I parked and ran inside. Okay, kitties are still alive. Whew. It smelled like a campfire. A really big one.
The hills behind our apartment were smoking with areas of erupting flames. It was about a tenth of a mile away. Too close. I went out to get closer, and was immedialtely struck by the scale of destruction. The beautiful green hills are now grey and barren with tree skeletons here and there. I started to tear up thinking of all the baby birds, squirrels, and scared critters that died a horrible death. It was pretty much under control by this time, about 4pm. I was then dumbfounded by the quickness of the fire, In a matter of a couple of hours hundreds of acres were burned to the ground. Jesus.
These pictures are from right across the street, and then from walking a few blocks toward the fire. By Southern California standards, this was an insignificant fire. But for me this was just too freaky. (In Connecticut, backyards don't spontaneously combust.) Mark came home, and we walked down together, and I noticed what seemed to be every firefighter and police officer in LA County setting up camp on Forest Lawn Drive. There were dozens of firetrucks. And I was so amazed at the volunteers who brought stacks of water and meals for the firefighters. I was walking by all these men and women who were ready to risk their own lives to save mine, and I can't describe that feeling. I was speechless.
I have to mention the helicopters. The persons piloting these helicopters are part insane and part heroes. There were power lines, other helicopters, thick smoke; I was awestruck yet again. They were amazing.
So we went home, back to an apartment that I appreciated so much more than yesterday, and so thankful to have all my stuff and to have my kitties. Life is okay.
Turns out, it seems like a couple of kids stated the fire. Nobody was hurt, and no property was lost.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yes, I Still Love You

Yes, I am still alive. And yes, I know it is not that difficult to put up a silly post now and then. So here is a silly little post. Clouseau and Cato have been terrific models. Clouseau is demonstrating his 'come hither' look, and Cato is enjoying my new lamp.

I promise to update you on my super exciting life this weekend.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

When You're Married to a Famous Artist

Last night was Mark's opening at the Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica. It was a three man show with Joe Vaux and Dan Quintana. It was well attended, and Mark sold three out of the five paintings. A wildly successful first time!! I am delighted and thrilled for Mark. He deserves all the recognition and reward for his tireless hard work. I had to take pics of the paintings with the beautiful RED DOTS next to them!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Update: Cats, Taxes, and Art Show

For the first time in oohhhh... too many years to even remember, I have my taxes done before April 14th. Mark and I waded through our piles of receipts and papers, wrapped them in tidy looking folders and little clips, and proudly presented them to Ronnie. Ronnie is a full time actor/part time tax preparor. Chuck, the head tax man, kept coming in to check on us because he couldn't believe people could laugh during this process. Well, you don't know my husband. A laugh a minute, Baby!

Also, here is a sample of the desperate, starving, neglected kitty-cat stares we get when coming home.

And most importantly, tomorrow Mark has his work in a real big time LA art opening. Here is the link to his work and the gallery site. His work is already getting a lot of attention and admiration. It won't be long before he is famous. Am I proud of him? Maybe, just a little.