Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pears, Pears, Pears

I went to the grocery store to pick up mustard and stuff, and I saw these little baby pears. They were this beautiful red and gold color. I had this urge to paint them. It's nice when I have that urge with fruit, because most often I have it with faces and people. But it's difficult to just grab someone, put them in a bag, and take them to your studio. Not to mention that it's probably illegal anyway.
So this is the result so far of my painting obsession with them.
I need to go back and get some more.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Those DAM Paintings

I took a few shots of some paintings that I really enjoyed when I went to the Denver Art Museum (DAM) with Christy. The red one was one of Christy's favorites. I wouldn't have been able to choose a favorite, but I have posted some memorable ones. I really loved the intimate little portrait of a man by Bastien-Lepage.
Also, there is a photo of the outside and inside of the museum. There were no right angles anywhere inside or outside. I am sure that architecturally this is quite a feat, but the effect it had on me was vertigo and queasiness. The artwork was displayed beautifully, and there were stations throughout the museum where you could sit and look through books or listen to music or watch videos. Very nice. Overall the collection was interestingly diverse, with everything from gothic to Native American to contemporary, including installation and video.

Monday, February 19, 2007

1/2 of Cato

Okay, I know. But I had to post this picture. I really should just get one of those Flicker things.

Cato - Potato

Sometimes, when I look at Cato, I know that he was a royal enlightened soul that reached nirvana, but decided to return to enjoy the perfection of being Cato.

For The Love Of The Weiner Dogs

When I was in Denver visiting Christy, I had the fortune of also hanging out with the weiners, Mr. Gibson and Miss Tika. I don't know why I don't have pics of Tika. Perhaps it was because most of the time she was buried under a blanket.
But here are a couple of pictures of Mr. Gibson, who was more than happy to pose for me. I suspect he has had his picture taken before by his Daddy. He wasn't sure what was his best side, so Mr. Gibson posed profile and front view, so everyone can see how handsome he is.
Last time I was there, I don't remember adoring the doggies so much. They are warm, cuddly love moochers. They just want to interact with you and sit on your lap. I fell in love. Puppy love. Give them a kiss for me.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Clouseau Has A Sweet Face

I am posting this picture because, one, it's cute, and two, I might use it as my new Pofile pic.

Goodbye, Wisdom Teeth

Yesterday, I voluntarily went to a very nice doctor to have him pry, hammer, chisel, and saw four teeth out of my head. Teeth that were very, very comfortable where they were. But also teeth that would occasionally cause me so much torment that I wanted to rip them out myself.
Blessedly, our health insurance covered my heavy sedation during the surgery, so that I would not remember the ordeal. I slept most of the rest of the day, still under influence of the pain killers. And then the pain killers wore off.... Holy Crap. Another blessing: huge horsepill Ibuprofen.
Now today, I am not recognizable as myself. I had prepared myself for 'some swelling', but I think that what has happened to my face is utterly absurd.

So, this is the reason for all the blog posts today. I ice my face ten minutes on, ten minutes off, and in between, I write a post. Am I working on my Bio?, nooooo.... Am I cleaning the apartment?, noooo.... am I doing anything constructive?, no. But I am eating a lot of chocolate pudding!

Some New Artwork

Here are some new sketches. Two oil sketches done while out painting with Frank and Mark. And two charcoal sketches of some lovely models.

Happy Valentine's Day

Ticking Clock, Baby Hats, and Real Estate

Saturday, I arrived in Denver, and Christy and I went directly to a baby shower. Christy had knitted two adorable baby hats as a gift. (The Mom-to-be is having twins)
It was fun, including fun games such as 'guess the baby food', and 'a memory game of looking into a basket at 36 baby items for a few seconds and then trying to write down all the things you can remember from it. Even with Christy and I working together we still didn't win the prize, but almost.
I was worried that being around all the baby talk and baby gifts, that I would have a ticking clock meltdown. But a left wanting to be pregnant just a tiny bit more than before. At this point, it doesn't really matter.
Does anyone know of a good term for when a woman wants to get pregnant, when the urge to have a baby is so strong. And NOT 'ticking clock'. That doesn't accurately describe the feeling. It makes it sound like merely a physical condition. I mean, really, there are all kinds of words for being horny, or mad, or sad, or so many other states of being, but no official word for this desire to create. That one thing without which, there would be no you or me. So WHY is there no good word for it? Any ideas?

After the baby shower, we relaxed back at Christy's lovely home, had some coffee, looked up potential real estate in Burbank. Here
is what Mark and I have to choose from. And then we waited 45 minutes for the world's most inept cab driver to pick us up. That is what is so fantastic about Christy; even waiting for a cab, and you are hungry and frustrated, you still have the best time!
Here is a picture of Christy at the Jazz club we went to after dinner. The fuzzy picture is when this drunk guy tried to take a picture of us. He did a good job at keeping the camera still, don't ya think?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yes, Finally, A Post!

I know, I know. I have been back from Denver for three whole days, and no post! Don't get the wrong idea, I have so much to report! A weekend in Denver with Christy gives me weeks of posting subject matter. But just like fine wine, these things need to be sipped, sniffed, slurped, and spit out a little at a time. I just want to say that it was a much needed visit to my long time, closest, funnest, most lovely, BFITWWW!

Here is a picture of the beautiful Christy as we were dolled up, going to dinner in hip downtown Denver.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Weekend in Denver!

I am going to visit Christy this weekend! We are going to laugh, reminisce, cook, eat, drink, knit, play with weiner dogs, dance, sing, and probably do some things I can't tell you about. HA!

Oh, and I will touch snow! Yay!

Even More Pictures

I had to post some more pictures of the Birthday Outing. The hiking trails were so beautiful. There was this hawk of some kind that was just hanging out on the wire, completely ignoring all of us humans staring at it. And here is a pic of the aforementioned oil pumps.

Happy Birthday, Husband.

Sunday was Mark's birthday! We drove OUT of Los Angeles county to celebrate. It was a very warm day, high 80's, and sunny! We drove out to Ojai, where there are these working, and not working, oil pumps. I love anything industrial, old, and rusty. We took a big bunch of pictures of them, and drove on to Ojai to have a burrito at Ruben's Burrito's. Outsatanding food in this hole-in-the-wall place. Then on to Santa Barbara where we hiked up the Seven Falls trail. Except there were no falls because there has been no rain since last March. And drove back along side this most amazing sunset that no camera could capture. The clouds were streaked across the sky lit up in neon arange and pink, in contrast to the turquoise sky behind, and a powdery blue ocean. It was a wonderful day. Now I am no longer the 'older woman' for Mark. At least until October.