Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bedroom Redo Part II

A while ago I posted about the bedroom redo. Since then we have updated with an IKEA wardrobe ( I still wet myself when I open it and see all the space and potential for organization), and a whole bunch of Baby stuff. I scored big with a visit to a great little second hand baby stuff store: bassinet/cosleeper, onesies, books, play gym, boppy, and car seat snuggler.



There is the wardrobe. I love it.
And the paper grocery bags next to it hold receiving blankets and towels for the birth. They will get warmed up and used to catch slippery new Baby.
And the new duvet. It doesn't look like it goes with the wall color, but it does.
Still on the search for the perfect curtains.



Here is the Baby corner. And Clouseau saying, 'Hello. Please give me food.'
I put up the shelf this morning to hold diapers, wipes, and gin.
You can see the new hampers, diaper pail, bassinet, and cute hanging door baby clothes hamper (Thanks, Christy!). We should be getting the changing pad any day now. It will go on top of the dresser, which now holds a million blankets, onesies, and diapers. The same dresser that used to hold my goth clothes and lingerie.

All you wise Moms can tell me what else I need to do to make this battle station fully armed and operational.

The cosleeper will attach to the bed, and we can move it around during the day. Next to bassinet are more baby things which I have no idea where to store.

And here is the mess still left in the living room. The car seat and stroller will be put in car this weekend. Big IKEA boxes will be thrown away, and huge swing will just have to be in the way, I guess.

So things are coming together, and it feels good.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last Sketches

These are the last figure sketches from my sketch group. All done.

This is Toni. She brought her own music to class, and it was as if she took my own iPod. It's fun to find a music buddy.

And this is Forrest. Very nice guy. Great model. Listened to a book on tape as he posed.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Husband Is So Awesome!

Saturday night was the Hi-Fructose group show opening at the Copro Nason gallery. Mark had five pieces in the show and SOLD ALL OF THEM.

It was great that the gallery put his pieces together on a separate wall.

Here are some great friends. Left to right: Monica and Phil Straub, Ana, Chris, and Mark. (Just ignore smiley drunk in the background. Don't know who that is.)

I can't believe I made it five hours there on my feet with the weight of massive boobs and belly pressing down. But the thrill of seeing my husband do so well was what I needed to persevere.

Congrats again, Baby.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

T Minus Three Weeks

I don't want it to end so soon. But on the other hand, I am super psyched to meet the little guy who has been tenderizing my insides. Will he look like Mark? Will he have hair or be bald?

But I love being pregnant and would like an extra month, as long as I can stay feeling the way I am now, just without all the sweating.

Because pregnancy has felt like this:

Month 1 - not feeling any different at all, except for the thrill of knowing your pregnant, but also knowing the cold hard percentages of being of 'advanced maternal age.' What a vomitous term.

Month 2, 3, and most of 4 - 24 hour nausea. Can't stand the sight of, smell of, or mention of food. Eat toast, but have to run into the other room while it is toasting, or else the smell will make me throw up.

Month 4 - put on partial bedrest until...

Month 5 - Did I wake up today and feel not nauseous? And you say I can do some exercise now? I do a happy dance! But, wait, now I look like chubby girl, not glowing pregnant girl.

Month 6 - still look like chubby girl. When will I look pregnant? Oh, yeah...

Month 7 - YAY! I feel incredible and look pregnant.

Month 8 - ditto

Month 9 - so far, ditto again!

So after all that, I just want to keep enjoying being the conversation piece in the room. I want to keep enjoying feeling this tiny precious soul living and moving in my belly. I want to enjoy nurturing and growing him with my own flesh and blood. It's okay, little buddy, squish my stomach to the size of a walnut and punch my bladder all you want. You don't know how awesomely mind blowing it is to have you in there. I started to feel aware of your own awareness not to long ago. I wish I had the words to describe what it is like to feel your sweet spiritual energy inside me. You are so newly made from that Divine womb, and then you blessed my own. I am so privileged to experience that kind of energy. To know you are made of the same stardust I am. Made of atoms that have been here since the beginning of the universe, waiting for you. Atoms you plucked from me to build yourself. But don't worry, I also see you as the gorgeous human who makes mistakes, wants to kick and scream, and who will love.

Just feel free to take your time, just not too much time. Okay?

Monday, July 07, 2008

36 Weeks, Now With Even More Belly!

Oh, my, yes. Look at that belly! There is a baby in there.

I am now in month 9, according to some calenders. Next week I am officially 'full term' and safe to birth until 42 weeks. I wish I had taken a picture every week since last picture because there has been so much growth.

These past two months have been the best! I have felt so good. Enjoying yoga, walking, napping, and really enjoying the attention.

Our midwife, Davi, just left from our home visit. She comes here so she knows where we live, and to check out our preparedness for the birth. Still need to do a few things - have laundered towels and receiving blankets ready in paper bags (to be warmed up when needed), having a supply of vitamin c, beta carotene, and backup bag for hospital. I measured right on target, and she thinks it will be a high 7 to 8 pound baby. I was 7lb 14oz, I think.

Mark held the Doppler heartbeat thingie to my belly while we talked to him, and we heard his heart rate get faster! That was amazing. To hear how excited he was to hear our voices. I will talk to him constantly now! He is in a great position (head down), but has his little hand up by his face. Davi was so amazed that Mark could tell it was his hand when feeling my belly. She said to keep telling him to "put chin to chest, back to belly, and hands by heart. So he knows what to do when it's time.

26 - 30 - 36 weeks

Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Drawing

Every once and a while in a figure drawing workshop you get the pleasure of working from a super great model. This model was professional, gorgeous, sweet, and most importantly, she had a confident and charismatic presence. Somehow, she was able to get right back into the pose exactly without needing any adjustments from us. (I have trouble just staying upright in my chair. ) And then she holds a difficult pose for hours while making it look effortless and natural.

I actually wished I had brought my paints because she had beautiful strawberry blond hair.