Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Room

We have spent the last couple of weeks moving our rooms around. When we first moved in, we chose the larger room to be the studio because we have way more art and computer stuff than bedroom stuff. Now we realized that the smaller bedroom could not fit a crib or even a changing table or even a teeny tiny 7 lb baby.

We didn't want to just turn the studio into a separate baby room just yet, making the dining room the studio. What I mean is Mark doesn't want to give up his own personal creative space just yet, and we hope to be out of here soon. But if we aren't, the dining room will become a reason why we won't have anyone over to visit. "It's not like we are gonna have big dinner parties after the baby is born anyway," says Mark.
"We're not?" Bummer.

So here is the progress so far:

Looking into room, before and midway:

The walls were a complete mess before, chipping and peeling and so dirty. After scraping, filling, and sanding, we chose a nice calming soft pale blue-gray paint for the walls. Yeah, I know I was a decorative painter, but I prefer just nice clean walls over fancy faux finishes. The curtains and comforter are going to change. We are thinking a cool chocolate brown. (Overall, I was picturing a palette of white, brown and blue, maybe shots of orange-red, but I am so afraid of looking too Target. I would love any suggestions! Please!) And in the corner will go a nice Ikea wardrobe that will go with the Ikea crib. And that pile of hampers and dirty clothes? I guess a nice looking clothes organizing type thing. Mark will have to give up his white plastic hamper fetish. There are three there and two more in the garage, just in case.

Here is looking toward bed, before and midway:

I would love any suggestions for what to do for the wall over the bed. Seeing as we are due for some major earthquakes, we cannot hang anything on that wall for fear of midnight decapitations. I was thinking of painting a decorative thingie, or tacking some gorgeous fabric to the wall and framing it with decorative molding ( too HGTV?).

Here is where the crib will go, and the little dresser will be for baby stuff and changing pad on top. Stinky baby clothes hamper to hang on closet door.

I will put some shelves over the dresser for wipes and diapers, and a dirty diaper containment device next to dresser. And another painted cool painted thingie for over the crib? I am so excited to get it all together! Can't wait to show you the finished room.


Anonymous said...

Is a portrait family tree too corny?

paintrly1 said...

A family portrait tree is a wonderful idea! Will require some research, which is a good thing.

Kristin C. said...

I like that idea too. I think you should use your amazing skillz and paint SOMETHING. I also relaize that's a lot easier said than done. I think it really does look awesome already...very clean and breezy looking.

Good Luck! I can't wait to see the results!