Monday, September 10, 2007

My New Favorite Clouseau Pic

Clouseau has a shoe fetish.

My New Favorite Cato Pic

This will cure insomnia.


Yes, there is such a chicken as a Frizzle. There are many, many different breeds of chickens. Why?? Who knows, but they are all cute. Even Skeletor here.

Anniversary Hike

Here are some pics from our hike before dinner. There is a turn off of Sunset near the Pacific Coast Highway, a street called Paseo Miramar. It is a dizzying curvy steep road which ends in a trailhead. The road is lined with the kind of ridiculous big houses you see in movies. The hike was a major workout, but the view was so worth it.

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, Mark and I celebrated being married for one year. It is difficult to believe that a whole year has gone by, wizzed by, flew by. Being married is such a perfect fit. Being a team, being strong for eachother, and being vulnerable for eachother proves to be rewarding beyond the expected.

We drove up to the Malibu mountains for a hike and then a casual dinner at Froggy's. So called because there is usually a whole fraggle of frogs in the creek next to the restaurant, but since it hasn't rained in 200 years, there were no frogs. But there was a turtle in the little indoor pond by our table. Froggy's was a great little place with plastic chairs and great food. I had an ahi burger, and Mark had fish and chips. From the outdoor deck all you could see was treetops. It looked as if the place was a nice indoor restaurant that then had outdoor spaces added on haphazardly with corrugated sheeting for roofs and spare wood for supports. Very funky. It was beautiful.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cato Has Something To Say

I love my new FAST camera.

Berlin and Naked Eyes

Our friend Jeff (who works at Family Guy with Mark) invited us to go to the Starlight Bowl here in Burbank to see Berlin ('The Metro')and Naked Eyes ('Always Something There To Remind Me') perform the other weekend. It was a beautiful 80's flashback night. I was actually very psyched to go! Everyone brought amazing food and wine to share, and we felt like teenagers again. Except we had wine and gourmet food instead of Mountain Dew, Ruffles and French's onion dip.
The Starlight Bowl is this amazing natural ampitheatre up in the mountain. Back in the day, all the greats played there. It was a very family styles atmosphere. (Actually I heard that the Bowl asked Berlin to censor the song 'Sex', and they refused to.) The kids were not even paying attention anyway.
Here are some pics of the night. Some blurry ones of the bands playing, and some of the fabulous spread of food and fun folks we went with. That's Jeff and his partner Rich in the closeup.
Gee, I miss being able to be outside.


What am I doing on this long holiday weekend?

Nothing but seeking out air conditioning and eating anything frozen and fruity.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chicken Studies

Had a fun time doing these chicken sketches! Yes, the frizzly one is actually a real kind of chicken, called a Frizzle (go figure). When they are mature, they are gorgeous, but when they are immature, like this one, they look so pathetic. This guy was nicknamed 'Skeletor'.

A Sampling of Paintings from Monhegan 2007

It's HOT

Well, I am back from my time on the East Coast. And I apologize because all I am going to do is complain. Along with the post-vacation blahs, it is so hot here that I want to become unconscious or sleep until the temperature drops below 90 again. Don't know when that will be. Can't sleep, can't do anything which requires more than 4 minutes outside, and I am generally sleepy and cranky.
Being outside constantly in Maine was such a huge blessing. I appreciate it even more now. The only time I was indoors was to sleep and go to the bathroom. It's the way life should be.