Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, Mark and I celebrated being married for one year. It is difficult to believe that a whole year has gone by, wizzed by, flew by. Being married is such a perfect fit. Being a team, being strong for eachother, and being vulnerable for eachother proves to be rewarding beyond the expected.

We drove up to the Malibu mountains for a hike and then a casual dinner at Froggy's. So called because there is usually a whole fraggle of frogs in the creek next to the restaurant, but since it hasn't rained in 200 years, there were no frogs. But there was a turtle in the little indoor pond by our table. Froggy's was a great little place with plastic chairs and great food. I had an ahi burger, and Mark had fish and chips. From the outdoor deck all you could see was treetops. It looked as if the place was a nice indoor restaurant that then had outdoor spaces added on haphazardly with corrugated sheeting for roofs and spare wood for supports. Very funky. It was beautiful.

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