Monday, September 03, 2007

Berlin and Naked Eyes

Our friend Jeff (who works at Family Guy with Mark) invited us to go to the Starlight Bowl here in Burbank to see Berlin ('The Metro')and Naked Eyes ('Always Something There To Remind Me') perform the other weekend. It was a beautiful 80's flashback night. I was actually very psyched to go! Everyone brought amazing food and wine to share, and we felt like teenagers again. Except we had wine and gourmet food instead of Mountain Dew, Ruffles and French's onion dip.
The Starlight Bowl is this amazing natural ampitheatre up in the mountain. Back in the day, all the greats played there. It was a very family styles atmosphere. (Actually I heard that the Bowl asked Berlin to censor the song 'Sex', and they refused to.) The kids were not even paying attention anyway.
Here are some pics of the night. Some blurry ones of the bands playing, and some of the fabulous spread of food and fun folks we went with. That's Jeff and his partner Rich in the closeup.
Gee, I miss being able to be outside.

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ks1k said...

It looks like a wonderful time. Good for you. I hope it was cool.