Thursday, December 11, 2008

Aidric, Four Months

Hey, Little Man, you are four months old. We just went to Dr. Boxtein today. You have had quite a growth spurt. At your two month visit Dr. Boxtein looked serious as he said you were at the very bottom of your percentile chart. I noticed on one of the bills the notes said 'failure to thrive'. That phrase hurt. I know you are happy and thriving. Well, at least now nobody can say you are failing at thriving. At 17 weeks you were 14 pounds, 26 1/2 inches long, and your head is 16 1/2 inches around. Way to go! I am happy all those night feedings weren't for nothing. You still sleep right next to me, but pretty soon you will move to your crib simply because you hardly fit in the bassinet anymore. The crib will be about five feet away, but it will seem so far. I won't be able to reach over to touch you, or look over to see your sleeping face. And, oh, you have started to gurgle and coo for a while when you wake up. I lie there and smile, waiting for you to need me.

This past month you have really discovered your hands and feet. You grab anything you can reach with a bionic kung fu grip, and you do not let go. Grab, grab, grab. There is not one waking moment when you are NOT grabbing and holding something. Your favorite thing to grab is my hair, with Daddy's chest hair a close second. I am so amazed at how well you can reach out and grasp something with such accuracy. I think you have better depth perception than I. Of course whatever you have grabbed you bring to your mouth to investigate. We have started reading little books, and you turn the pages. I nearly fell over.

I am pretty sure an international declaration was made that a baby holding his own feet is the cutest thing on earth. You do that too.

We went to visit Christy, Dave and Hadley last month. You were so good on the plane rides. And you have a huge crush on Christy now. I knew you would though. She has that effect on a lot of people. It was fabulous - hanging out with my best friend in the whole wide world and our new families. While we were there we put you into Hadley's playseat. You had never seen anything like that before. At first you seemed overwhelmed, but soon got it. When we got home we put you in your very own playseat. Now you have a jumparoo. And once you realized you could jump up and down, you have never been so psyched! Now you squeal with delight.

Speaking of squealing, your vocabulary has really blossomed to include some very loud outbursts. You even startle yourself. Every day sees you becoming more of an expert at grabbing and holding. I love seeing your world expand with your new abilities. I can tell you are seeing so much more too. You drink it all in tirelessly and always seem to want more, more, more. Needless to say, getting you to nap is still a challenge.

You love to go outside. I can tell when we have been inside for a while, and you just get antsy. You definitely get that from me. Which reminds me - you are now looking more like me this month. Probably the chubbier cheeks. Your hair has been slowly falling out, and new hair is growing in. I think it looks like a dark blonde. Of course, I think you are so very adorable and gorgeous and beautiful. People say that baby boys are more affectionate than girls. I don't like generalizations like that, but you are really very sweet and love to get kisses and hugs. I love how you relax and melt into me when I pick you up.

This past month for me has given me a new perspective. I have had a few moments of seeing you differently. Like when you are in your jumparoo or sitting in your chair, when you are totally engaged in what you are doing. You don't need me there for a few minutes. I talk to you, and you look up and smile so big, and then turn back around to your toy. I walk into the kitchen and feel different than before. Then I will watch you learn how to manipulate a new toy so quickly, deftly moving it in your hands, and I think of how just a few weeks ago you could hardly even grab things. I stand there in awe, and then feel so proud and a little sad that you are changing so fast. I know you still need to know I am there, but you have taken that very first tiny step of independence.

I love you so much,
Mommy, Mom, Mummy, Momma.