Thursday, December 06, 2007

For My Six Visitors

Hello Friends! I am just going to ramble because I have no big fancy Hollywood party to talk about. No new cat pictures (well, maybe just one). No big gripes, just lttle ones. So I am going to do a big blogging no-no and just talk about random stuff. Luckily I know my good friends will be interested (I hope). Here it goes.

1. We saw Kirsten Dunst the other day on our walk to Trader Joes. On her cel phone in front of her house, which is right close by. Cool. She is tiny, of course.

2. It might rain tomorrow! It actually feels fall-like some days, but it was 90 degrees two days ago. Even after 3 years, the weather still makes it very difficult to feel Christmasy. Haven't been doing any Christmas shopping (which always makes me happy!)because of the writer's strike. (That's okay! I support them. Stand up to The Man!)

3. I was at a birthday party for my friend Frank the other day, and I met two folks who each lost their homes to wildfire. One told me how a policeman came to his door and said,'You are leaving NOW.' He couldn't grab anything, not even his pets. Jesus.

4. I quit my personal assistant job. At the new year, I hope to have something new to occupy my time. Yes, I am very happy!

5. I am so thrilled for the Gannons! Little Hadley is so very cute! Ever since most of my friends started having babies years ago, I witnessed their happiness and seen their gigantic parent love. I still remember the day and the feeling when I realized it was what I wanted too. It's weird how you can know something without really having any clue what it is like.

6. I feel ready for big changes! I am trying new ways of painting. Thinking about how I can make my work more individual, more me, more personal, emotional.

7. Please let me know how you are doing! Even if it a string of random things!