Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sunday Morning

A couple of Sundays ago, I went out painting in the morning. It was about 7:30am. I went into Priscilla's to get a cup of coffee, and I heard this rumbling and felt a shaking. 'Earthquake' of course was first to mind, since the only other one I ever experienced was also on a Sunday morning. I looked around and nobody else was freaking out, so I couldn't think, 'what could this racket be?'

Of course, a huge pack of motorcycles! Not just your everyday kind. No the kind that makes a sound that sets of car alarms and frightens animals. I found out later that they were all going to a charitable function of some sort, but I still couldn't believe the noise I heard at 7:30 on a Sunday morning!

Luckily, I had a camera handy. I think the rider in the closeup looks like my Dad.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wedding Photos

Here is a tease for the professional photos of the wedding, which will be available soon for viewing! The photographers, Nikki and Esra, were so amazing. It was fate that Mark and I would be so very lucky to get them! Nikki lived downstairs from us for a while, and her brother, Josh, is still our neighbor. She is such a talented artist!

There are so many truly astounding, magical pictures. I can't wait to share them.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Couch

Here is the new couch. I was able to get a shot while all the cat-claw protective blankets were off of it. It is so wonderful, with down cushions. It has put everyone who has sat on it to sleep within 20 minutes.

House on Haunted Hill

Friday, after our friend Marc recovered from food poisoning, we went out to see some famous Hollywood landmarks, specifically, the Nightmare on Elm St. House, and the House on Haunted Hill House. It is one of Mark and Marc's favorite movies, and it was a thrill to see the house in person. (The pictures here are of the Haunted Hill House.)

We zig-zagged up these windy, steep, narrow roads, hoping and wondering if the house was visible from the road. Well it couldn't have been any more visible! I believe it is a Frank Lloyd Wright creation. It is in terrible condition, and it lost it's Northside retaining wall in an earthquake. There is a fund started to try to save it. Even if it wasn't in a movie, it is a very interesting structure on it's own.

Then we went home to eat more Thanksgiving food.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Thanksgiving was really small and intimate this year. Mark's best friend, Marc, came out from Arizona to stay for a few days. To celebrate we went out to PF Changs Wednesday night to eat and give Marc food poisoning. Yes, food poisoning. Poor Marc. He was horizontal most of Thanksgiving Day. It was mild, but that's bad enough.

After 8 hours of cooking, baking, roasting, the feasting began. And, of course every lunch and dinner since has been turkey dinner leftovers. The menu: turkey, gravy, cheddar and sage mashed potatoes, herbed bread stuffing, orange cranberry relish, green bean casserole (from scratch), and rosemary cornbread . Wine was a 2003 La Crema pinot noir. For dessert, blueberry pie and cherry pie with vanilla ice cream (Ben and Jerry's), and some Merlot.

We were asleep very soon after dinner.

Luckily Marc was all better Friday, so we were able to get out of the house for some more fun. Will tell you all about that next post.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Celebrating Has Begun!

Last night my neighbors Tom and Ben, along with Tom's sister Sarah threw a pre T-day party. It was amazing and all-out with everything you'd expect from a Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatos, green bean casserole, sweet poatoes with marshmallows, dinner rolls, salad, pecan pie pumpkin pie, cupcakes and cookies. Yeah, I know.

Most of all my neighbors were there(group picture). In the group pic we have : top row, left to right: Ben, Rich, Sarah, Tanjareen, Tom, and Mark. Bottom row, L to R, is: Moira, Josh, Veronica and me. Everyone is fun, oh so good-looking and creative, and everyone is an awesome person. Mark and I feel so blessed!

Rich, Moira, and Tanjareen are all actors. Josh and Veronica both work in production for movies, TV, etc. And Tom is a very talented singer/musician/songwriter. And I know Ben is a very talented musician too! The pic of the two handsome men is Tom and Ben, who are also responsible for the incredible decorating. We had a blast! And the food was so yummy!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas Painting

Family Guy is holding a winter themed painting auction to benefit charity, and they let me submit a painting. It is due tomorrow, so I had to do something quick. This was a composition I stole directly from my plum painting I did a couple of weeks ago. Painting it really got me into the Christmas spirit. "It's Beginning to Look Alot like Christmas" kept rolling around in my head as I was painting it.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sketch Class

I had the pleasure of drawing Amy Wednesday night. She was so lovely, and had that kind of perfectly smooth skin that seems unearthly. And she gave off that energy that I can't describe, but just makes for a wonderful session between model and artist.

You can't really get a sense from the drawing, but Amy was costumed in a great flapper-esque getup. A sparkly cap, silk kimono, and peacock green eyeshadow, exagerated lipstick, and cat-eye eyeliner. Beautiful and moody.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Good to Come Home

This was the scene that welcomed me the other day when I arrived home. It made me stop and smile and think how lucky I am.
Also, notice the couch. It will be gone soon. Friday, a new, a really brand new couch, an actual grown up couch is coming! Goodbye to the IKEA clearance special that has served us well, and has served as the world's biggest scratching post.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

New painting

I have been very lazy lately with the outdoor studies. But here is one I was able to squeeze out after I almost gave up and wiped out my first painting attempt.

I posted more things you haven't seen on my painting blog.


I felt it was time for a kitty update. I wanted to carch the kitties by the window with the fall color behind them.

And then I came across Clouseau in his usual sleeping position of shocking cuteness.

Notice the couch. That revenge was executed while we were away for what was, I guess, too long of a time. Now the search for a new slipcover.

Friday, November 10, 2006

All Dressed Up

Christy asked what I wore to the Family Guy party, so I thought I would share a few more pics from the evening.
I wore all black (big surprise there). Nice black pants, my new comfy black strappy shoes (which I actually wore for 3 straight hours), and a sparkly halter top. It was warm, so I didn't need a sweater, which I ended up carying around all night.
Mark looked so handsome in nice jeans, a blue button down, and a new jacket in a microseude kinda material.
I regret that we don't have a picture of the two of us together, but I bet someone Mark works with took one.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

When You Are Married to a Celebrity...

Last night Mark and I went to the Family Guy "What the Deuce are You Staring At?" Art Show and DVD release party extravaganza at the Museum of Television and Radio. It was amazing! I love the huge martini glasses with limes for olives on all the tables! There were musicians who were playing the Family Guy tune and assorted heavy metal in classical instruments! Hors d'oeuvres were noodles in little take out containers with chopsticks, grilled cheese and fig sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes, shrimp thingies on artichoke leaves, and mini hamburgers. Two bars with great wine, killer gimlets, and signature Family Guy drinks like 'Toilet Water', which was gin, blue Curacao, and lemon twist. Plus there were larger than life Brian and Stewie walking around!
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But the Big Deal was the artists! Fox invited a select group of artists to paint a picture inspired by Family Guy. This show of paintings will travel the world, including New York, Australia, and even Arizona!
Mark was interviewed by all the paparazzi on the 'carpet' outside the museum. And had his picture taken by his painting, which depicts Stewie in his crib dreaming that he has killed Lois in a gladiatorial match.
It was the coolest thing! I have always known that Mark is the best artist in the world, and deserves credit for that. It felt good to see him get some recognition. I think I could get used to be married to a celebrity!

Monday, November 06, 2006

More Halloween

Well, there was just too many amazing costumes for just one post. My favorite is the wiener dog dressed as a hot dog. Christy will love this! So cute. The poor thing's back end is paralyzed, although it does not seem to bother him or slow him down. He was a hit.
There is another pic of Mark as Chuck Norris (William H Macy)with Mic, who is Mad Max. There is Joe Vaux with Dom, blurred crotch man. Also, we have Jeff as Elton John. And Spencer as a very convincing zombie. Needless to say, not much work was done at Family Guy on Halloween.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween, Family Guy Style

Last week Family Guy had a costume contest in celebration of the holy holiday of Halloween. I have never seen so many adults dressed up in costumes. Dom came as digitally blurred naked man. Very clever. There was a storm trooper, Princess Leia(not pictured), She-Ra, Princess of Power, and Mark went as Chuck Norris (even though it was decided that he looked more like William H. Macey). And Belle. So cute.
I did not dress up in costume, as I am not a child, nor do I work at Family Guy.


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Now, go to all the links!
Here is a pic of Clouseau behind the bathroom door, his favorite place to be. A little odd, but that's okay.