Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sketch Class

I had the pleasure of drawing Amy Wednesday night. She was so lovely, and had that kind of perfectly smooth skin that seems unearthly. And she gave off that energy that I can't describe, but just makes for a wonderful session between model and artist.

You can't really get a sense from the drawing, but Amy was costumed in a great flapper-esque getup. A sparkly cap, silk kimono, and peacock green eyeshadow, exagerated lipstick, and cat-eye eyeliner. Beautiful and moody.


MOM said...

it's great to see you back in the groove of your painting.
the ornaments are beautiful. You
were always great in shading, but
the mirror images are WOW!.

just your mom speaking

Mark K said...

You always had the incredible gift of bringing things to life be it on canvas or paper. Glad to see you're using it wisely. Keep it up!