Thursday, November 09, 2006

When You Are Married to a Celebrity...

Last night Mark and I went to the Family Guy "What the Deuce are You Staring At?" Art Show and DVD release party extravaganza at the Museum of Television and Radio. It was amazing! I love the huge martini glasses with limes for olives on all the tables! There were musicians who were playing the Family Guy tune and assorted heavy metal in classical instruments! Hors d'oeuvres were noodles in little take out containers with chopsticks, grilled cheese and fig sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes, shrimp thingies on artichoke leaves, and mini hamburgers. Two bars with great wine, killer gimlets, and signature Family Guy drinks like 'Toilet Water', which was gin, blue Curacao, and lemon twist. Plus there were larger than life Brian and Stewie walking around!
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But the Big Deal was the artists! Fox invited a select group of artists to paint a picture inspired by Family Guy. This show of paintings will travel the world, including New York, Australia, and even Arizona!
Mark was interviewed by all the paparazzi on the 'carpet' outside the museum. And had his picture taken by his painting, which depicts Stewie in his crib dreaming that he has killed Lois in a gladiatorial match.
It was the coolest thing! I have always known that Mark is the best artist in the world, and deserves credit for that. It felt good to see him get some recognition. I think I could get used to be married to a celebrity!


saffry said...

That's a very cool painting. Stewie is my favorite character, if it was just him and Brian I would probably watch every week. (Sorry, I can't stand Peter, so I don't watch it very often)

AllBeehive said...

That is all v. Cool, but the bigger question is what were YOU wearing?