Saturday, November 25, 2006


Thanksgiving was really small and intimate this year. Mark's best friend, Marc, came out from Arizona to stay for a few days. To celebrate we went out to PF Changs Wednesday night to eat and give Marc food poisoning. Yes, food poisoning. Poor Marc. He was horizontal most of Thanksgiving Day. It was mild, but that's bad enough.

After 8 hours of cooking, baking, roasting, the feasting began. And, of course every lunch and dinner since has been turkey dinner leftovers. The menu: turkey, gravy, cheddar and sage mashed potatoes, herbed bread stuffing, orange cranberry relish, green bean casserole (from scratch), and rosemary cornbread . Wine was a 2003 La Crema pinot noir. For dessert, blueberry pie and cherry pie with vanilla ice cream (Ben and Jerry's), and some Merlot.

We were asleep very soon after dinner.

Luckily Marc was all better Friday, so we were able to get out of the house for some more fun. Will tell you all about that next post.


ks1k said...

After our phone call I turned the computer back on and read your Thanksgiving entry. Yummy for sure.


AllBeehive said...

Good work. All of the candles give a very pretty ambiance! (pronounced am-bee-ance)