Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween, Family Guy Style

Last week Family Guy had a costume contest in celebration of the holy holiday of Halloween. I have never seen so many adults dressed up in costumes. Dom came as digitally blurred naked man. Very clever. There was a storm trooper, Princess Leia(not pictured), She-Ra, Princess of Power, and Mark went as Chuck Norris (even though it was decided that he looked more like William H. Macey). And Belle. So cute.
I did not dress up in costume, as I am not a child, nor do I work at Family Guy.


AllBeehive said...

Yeah you're back! I've been waiting. Nice costumes. I did not dress up either, too lazy :(

saffry said...

You HAVE to dress up next year. Although it'd be pretty hard to come up with something as cool as pixelated guy.