Sunday, November 26, 2006

House on Haunted Hill

Friday, after our friend Marc recovered from food poisoning, we went out to see some famous Hollywood landmarks, specifically, the Nightmare on Elm St. House, and the House on Haunted Hill House. It is one of Mark and Marc's favorite movies, and it was a thrill to see the house in person. (The pictures here are of the Haunted Hill House.)

We zig-zagged up these windy, steep, narrow roads, hoping and wondering if the house was visible from the road. Well it couldn't have been any more visible! I believe it is a Frank Lloyd Wright creation. It is in terrible condition, and it lost it's Northside retaining wall in an earthquake. There is a fund started to try to save it. Even if it wasn't in a movie, it is a very interesting structure on it's own.

Then we went home to eat more Thanksgiving food.

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