Monday, November 20, 2006

The Celebrating Has Begun!

Last night my neighbors Tom and Ben, along with Tom's sister Sarah threw a pre T-day party. It was amazing and all-out with everything you'd expect from a Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatos, green bean casserole, sweet poatoes with marshmallows, dinner rolls, salad, pecan pie pumpkin pie, cupcakes and cookies. Yeah, I know.

Most of all my neighbors were there(group picture). In the group pic we have : top row, left to right: Ben, Rich, Sarah, Tanjareen, Tom, and Mark. Bottom row, L to R, is: Moira, Josh, Veronica and me. Everyone is fun, oh so good-looking and creative, and everyone is an awesome person. Mark and I feel so blessed!

Rich, Moira, and Tanjareen are all actors. Josh and Veronica both work in production for movies, TV, etc. And Tom is a very talented singer/musician/songwriter. And I know Ben is a very talented musician too! The pic of the two handsome men is Tom and Ben, who are also responsible for the incredible decorating. We had a blast! And the food was so yummy!


ks1k said...

It looks like a great bunch of friends and neighbors. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Food looks great and your friends even better.
Wish Bob and Icould have been there. We like meeting your friends.
Tomorrow is t-day around here. Wish
you were here, although only one of
you would eat meat. We miss you
both a lot.

will we see you at xmas?

all our love,
mom & boo