Friday, June 20, 2008

Good and Bad

The Good:

I doubt this handmade sign on the back of the truck gets him much business, but it made me smile. Things like this make LA likeable.

The Bad:

Now this makes LA very UNlikeable. Especially if you're 8 months pregnant. I know, it's my own darn fault. Bad timing.


Kristin C. said...,s 82 here and I feel stifled by the heat. 116??!!! Yipes.

My Mom was pregnant with me during the summer months, at the time my parents hadn't built our Lake House yet but they had friends who rented a home on a lake. My Mom always talks about the two months before I was born and how they were spent in an inner-tube soaking in the lake. Fish would swim up to her and bite her outie!! EEEEW!

ks1k said...

That is hot. Especially when you are trying to keep two of you cool.