Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Husband Is So Awesome!

Saturday night was the Hi-Fructose group show opening at the Copro Nason gallery. Mark had five pieces in the show and SOLD ALL OF THEM.

It was great that the gallery put his pieces together on a separate wall.

Here are some great friends. Left to right: Monica and Phil Straub, Ana, Chris, and Mark. (Just ignore smiley drunk in the background. Don't know who that is.)

I can't believe I made it five hours there on my feet with the weight of massive boobs and belly pressing down. But the thrill of seeing my husband do so well was what I needed to persevere.

Congrats again, Baby.


ks1k said...

What a guy. Congratulations all around.


Dave said...

TALENT RUNS IN THE FAMILY! CONGRATS TO MARK! Amazing stuff. It speaks for itself.