Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bedroom Redo Part II

A while ago I posted about the bedroom redo. Since then we have updated with an IKEA wardrobe ( I still wet myself when I open it and see all the space and potential for organization), and a whole bunch of Baby stuff. I scored big with a visit to a great little second hand baby stuff store: bassinet/cosleeper, onesies, books, play gym, boppy, and car seat snuggler.



There is the wardrobe. I love it.
And the paper grocery bags next to it hold receiving blankets and towels for the birth. They will get warmed up and used to catch slippery new Baby.
And the new duvet. It doesn't look like it goes with the wall color, but it does.
Still on the search for the perfect curtains.



Here is the Baby corner. And Clouseau saying, 'Hello. Please give me food.'
I put up the shelf this morning to hold diapers, wipes, and gin.
You can see the new hampers, diaper pail, bassinet, and cute hanging door baby clothes hamper (Thanks, Christy!). We should be getting the changing pad any day now. It will go on top of the dresser, which now holds a million blankets, onesies, and diapers. The same dresser that used to hold my goth clothes and lingerie.

All you wise Moms can tell me what else I need to do to make this battle station fully armed and operational.

The cosleeper will attach to the bed, and we can move it around during the day. Next to bassinet are more baby things which I have no idea where to store.

And here is the mess still left in the living room. The car seat and stroller will be put in car this weekend. Big IKEA boxes will be thrown away, and huge swing will just have to be in the way, I guess.

So things are coming together, and it feels good.


saffry said...

Looking good. I would just suggest having another mini-baby station somewhere else. So if one of you is sleeping, there will be a basket in the bathroom or kitchen with more diapers, wipes, burp cloths etc. If you keep your diaper bag fully stocked in another room that works too.

I wish I was there. I miss my babies, I need to get a fix from someone else.

ks1k said...

Lookin' good. Seems that you have it all under control.


Anonymous said...
Good luck!