Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Those DAM Paintings

I took a few shots of some paintings that I really enjoyed when I went to the Denver Art Museum (DAM) with Christy. The red one was one of Christy's favorites. I wouldn't have been able to choose a favorite, but I have posted some memorable ones. I really loved the intimate little portrait of a man by Bastien-Lepage.
Also, there is a photo of the outside and inside of the museum. There were no right angles anywhere inside or outside. I am sure that architecturally this is quite a feat, but the effect it had on me was vertigo and queasiness. The artwork was displayed beautifully, and there were stations throughout the museum where you could sit and look through books or listen to music or watch videos. Very nice. Overall the collection was interestingly diverse, with everything from gothic to Native American to contemporary, including installation and video.

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