Monday, February 19, 2007

For The Love Of The Weiner Dogs

When I was in Denver visiting Christy, I had the fortune of also hanging out with the weiners, Mr. Gibson and Miss Tika. I don't know why I don't have pics of Tika. Perhaps it was because most of the time she was buried under a blanket.
But here are a couple of pictures of Mr. Gibson, who was more than happy to pose for me. I suspect he has had his picture taken before by his Daddy. He wasn't sure what was his best side, so Mr. Gibson posed profile and front view, so everyone can see how handsome he is.
Last time I was there, I don't remember adoring the doggies so much. They are warm, cuddly love moochers. They just want to interact with you and sit on your lap. I fell in love. Puppy love. Give them a kiss for me.


Dave said...

Mither Gibthn and Tica miss you too. They are both posers, only Gibson is a bit more vain. Yeah, is awesome and a fun way to display current and old pics. Hope your teeth are feeling better. Poor thing.

paintrly1 said...

Thanks again, Dave! I feel better.

AllBeehive said...

I'll stroke the wieners for you :) They want to know when you are coming back!