Friday, February 16, 2007

Ticking Clock, Baby Hats, and Real Estate

Saturday, I arrived in Denver, and Christy and I went directly to a baby shower. Christy had knitted two adorable baby hats as a gift. (The Mom-to-be is having twins)
It was fun, including fun games such as 'guess the baby food', and 'a memory game of looking into a basket at 36 baby items for a few seconds and then trying to write down all the things you can remember from it. Even with Christy and I working together we still didn't win the prize, but almost.
I was worried that being around all the baby talk and baby gifts, that I would have a ticking clock meltdown. But a left wanting to be pregnant just a tiny bit more than before. At this point, it doesn't really matter.
Does anyone know of a good term for when a woman wants to get pregnant, when the urge to have a baby is so strong. And NOT 'ticking clock'. That doesn't accurately describe the feeling. It makes it sound like merely a physical condition. I mean, really, there are all kinds of words for being horny, or mad, or sad, or so many other states of being, but no official word for this desire to create. That one thing without which, there would be no you or me. So WHY is there no good word for it? Any ideas?

After the baby shower, we relaxed back at Christy's lovely home, had some coffee, looked up potential real estate in Burbank. Here
is what Mark and I have to choose from. And then we waited 45 minutes for the world's most inept cab driver to pick us up. That is what is so fantastic about Christy; even waiting for a cab, and you are hungry and frustrated, you still have the best time!
Here is a picture of Christy at the Jazz club we went to after dinner. The fuzzy picture is when this drunk guy tried to take a picture of us. He did a good job at keeping the camera still, don't ya think?

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