Saturday, March 31, 2007


I have learned a whole bunch of good things from lurking around the blog world. I have found some blogs that I love, like Dooce, Whoopee, and a couple of vegetarian blogs like this and this, along with my friends' blogs that I visit pretty much every day. Thanks to Christy, Dave, and Amy.
I have to vent on this one thing I came across the other day which made me so upset Mark had to force me to close my computer and walk away. Wonderland is also a favorite haunt of mine. She's funny and keeps me up to date on current issues. This post made me so unbelievably upset. The kind of mystified, terrified, no-this-can't-be-happening upset. I do live mostly in my own little world, and I like it that way. Then something like this comes along and punches me in the stomach.
Read the post and you will know what I am talking about. Along with other Southern states doing similar things, South Carolina is about to put into effect a Bill(if passed by the Senate) forcing any woman to view an ultrasound before she can get an abortion. I am not going into a debate about abortion, and that is not the real issue for me. The real issue is the forcing bit. I don't agree with forcing anyone to do anything. If I want to go get a pint of Ben and Jerry's and eat it in front of the TV at 1am, should I be forced to look at the clogged arteries of a cadaver before I am allowed to buy it? Will they pry open my eyes with fishing line and hooks and hold my head down?
I wanted to post this for the 5 people who read my blog and hopefully spread the news as to what our politicians are doing.