Friday, March 02, 2007

Update: Cats, Taxes, and Art Show

For the first time in oohhhh... too many years to even remember, I have my taxes done before April 14th. Mark and I waded through our piles of receipts and papers, wrapped them in tidy looking folders and little clips, and proudly presented them to Ronnie. Ronnie is a full time actor/part time tax preparor. Chuck, the head tax man, kept coming in to check on us because he couldn't believe people could laugh during this process. Well, you don't know my husband. A laugh a minute, Baby!

Also, here is a sample of the desperate, starving, neglected kitty-cat stares we get when coming home.

And most importantly, tomorrow Mark has his work in a real big time LA art opening. Here is the link to his work and the gallery site. His work is already getting a lot of attention and admiration. It won't be long before he is famous. Am I proud of him? Maybe, just a little.

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AllBeehive said...

Any of Mark's work could be a Tool Album cover! I want to hear all about the showing. I also want a fruit=fiber gallery showing of Ms. Covel's paintings. Please?