Thursday, January 04, 2007

I See Famous People

So Mark and I were at Trader Joe's the other night because we needed spinach, and there is this couple there with an adorable baby. They are totally rock and roll punked out. The Mom has a tattoo on her arm that says "F**k Off", and the Dad is this big scary guy who is completely gah-gah and goo-goo-ing the little baby. Mark says to me, 'Isn't that the singer of Queens of The Stone Age? The cool thing about being in LA is that when you say,"Gee that looks like so-n-so", it IS that so-n-so. Of course this is so cool for Mark and me because we are big fans. We were awe-struck! I also have seen Steven Spielberg and Edie McClurg at this TJ's.


saffry said...

Did you actually recognize Edie by sight or by voice?

paintrly1 said...

I recognized Edie by sight. She was at the checkout when I was walking in. She was wearing sunglasses, but I recognized her anyway. I was so excited! I called Mark right away.

Laurel said...

I just have to interject something here. In one of your last blogs you mentioned that "one can see famous actors and beautiful models" walking about in LA. While there is truth to this, I have to say that the majority of the time the sentence should read more like "one can see aspiring 'starving because they have no cash' actors and unhealthy 'starving because they refuse to eat' models." So yes, LA is fun because sometimes you get to see A listers, but sadly the majority rules.

ks1k said...

I have to say that the only one of those people that this OLD man would recognize is Steven Spielberg.

Glad that you get to see these people and recognize them when you do.


paintrly1 said...

Well, Laurel is right. There are thousands of starving actors and models to the one famous one, but it is still a good place to visit!

And Dad, you would still recognize a lot of actors. I recognize so many from commercials, TV movies, old shows, etc. Not always the big movie stars.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm catching up on everyone's blog! I'm not familiar with "Queens of the Stone Age." These days I spend time listening to "Animal songs for Children" and "Baby Einstein Symphonies." Some of them are quite catchy! :) But I think it would be very cool to see celebrities in the grocery store. Do you take note of the kinds of food they eat? Can you imagine running into a celebrity buying toilet paper or feminine products? Do they even do that, or do they pay people to buy that stuff for them?

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I LOVE seeing your artwork. And the photo from Christmas Eve looks very warm and charming. Take care and hello to Mark!