Sunday, April 22, 2007

Make Me An Offer

We made an offer on this condo, which was very scary and fun at the same time. The pictures are not all that great, I apologize. For some reason all the blinds were closed when we were there.

So far this has been the nicest one. All the others had one or more things with which we decided we could not live. Like a bedroom with no windows. Or a labyrinth of hallways to reach the door, or someone living above you. I mean, seriously, you would think that $400,000 would at least buy you the privilege of quiet ceilings.

This one had two floors, like a real house. A private entrance, like a real house. And it is a lot bigger than most condos. 2 1/2 baths, 2 bedrooms, a seperate dining area, walk in closets (2!) with a private bath off the main bedroom. It is close to bakeries, groceries, and liquor stores, and a very short drive to Whole Foods! And the kitchen is an actual room, where more than one person may fit. All for about $40,000 less than all the others we looked at. (foreclosure)

All of a sudden, though, the things we will miss about our current neighborhood seem so nice to us. We will miss the funky coffee house around the corner, the walks to Trader Joe's, walks to Thai, Mexican, Greek, Japanese, the best bagels, or the best soup and sandwich cafe, a quick walk to the bank, our fantastic, awesome neighbors, and so many trees.

But we absolutely will NOT miss the dreaded trips to the laundromat that smells like sewer, the complete lack of hot water pressure, our next door neighbor with the extra loud motorcycle that he like to take out on Sunday mornings, the arranging of our lives and days around parking nightmares, having to run out first thing in the morning in your jammies to move the car because you forgot it was streetsweeping day, carrying groceries or laundry across the busy street, coming home to find NO parking anywhere, so you get a $50 ticket because you HAD to park on the next street.

Most of all, we will be so happy to not send our landlord any more of our money. He has enough of it already.


mom said...

thanks for the pictures. Too bad it was left that way. It does look a lot bigger than the first one you showed us. When you are approved, let us know. We are happy for you both.

Dave said...

this looks great! the entry way looks like a real house and spacious too! the cats will love the stairs and space. congrats you guys! big step. you will find things you love about this neighborhood as well and then forget what you left behind! can't wait to hear more and see more pics.

AllBeehive said...

Wow, I can't wait to see it Joyified!

saffry said...

Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly and you get your two floors and quiet ceilings soon.

ks1k said...

Joy and Mark, We are so happy for you. Finally you may be able to stop paying your landlords bills and concentrate on your own.

Shame on me for taking a week to notice you post or to comment on it.

It must be the time for younger people to upgrade their living arrangements (read home). Jay and Deb, in Las Vegas, are ready to move to a larger place.

I'm glad we are at the point in life when moving is not a priority. Also a 6-figure mortgage is not a priority either :-)

Best to you and hope you land what you are looking for.