Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm Back!

Hello friends. I am posting about our recent trip to Denver to visit my Best Friend in The Whole Wide World and Her Husband and Their Baby (to be), and Mither Gibthin and Miss Tika. Mark and I arrived on a Friday afternoon. Christy picked us up and we went to meet up with Dave at his work, where we enjoyed a gorgeous vista of the Denver skyline. (see pic)
We then went out to eat(YUM), and then went back to the new Gannon house.
Saturday we went to the Rockies for a short hike and lunch at The Jersey Boys deli. They were really from Jersey. Oh, yeah, and the Rockies were so spectacular. Clean, high altitude dizzy, deep blue sky, super-spectacular gorgeous.
Then that night we lounged at the Gannon house, ate the most amazing fish tacos, and laughed and talked and reminisced. It was a perfect day of eating, exercise, and relaxing.
Sunday we did a little shopping, had some sushi, and then it was to the airport.We had a wonderful time, and Christy and Dave are fun, gracious hosts!
This visit was so special to me. Not just because I was going to see someone who has been a good friend for over 20 years, but I was seeing her while she was making a person! I had a thought that seeing her pregnant might be weird, but it was so cool and natural. And she looked so beautiful.

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