Sunday, May 27, 2007

Paintings of The Forgotten Coast

I wouldn't be surprised if there is absolutely nobody checking my blog anymore. It has been so long since my last post, I know you have become weary of hopefully checking and then disappointed when there is nothing, nothing, nothing. And you gave up on me. Don't blame you.
But I am back! Come back! This is what I have been up to. All these paintings are of Apalachicola, Florida. An incredible old oyster, sponge, and shrimp harvesting town, with a rich history and with the friendliest people you could hope to meet.


Dave said...

GREAT to have you back! Love the paintings too. they really capture the "south" water. I love the boat and the man in front of shack picture best. Oh, and the church too.

saffry said...

Welcome Back! I'd never give up on you, because I know that wonderful new paintings will eventually be posted.

Hope you had a great time and enjoyed your sojourn away from LaLa Land.

ks1k said...

I came, I saw, I love them all.

Good work Joy


AllBeehive said...

I never left. I am tireless in my efforts to check your blog for new work!