Monday, June 04, 2007

Cats, Wedding, Lisa Gerrard

While on the plane Sunday, Mark and I had fun passing time by looking through the thousands of pictures we have taken of our cats. I don't care how pathetic it seems that
1. we have thousands of pictures of our cats, or
2. that we look through them for fun.
We noticed that Clouseau started very early in perfecting his lounging poses. This cat is way more comfortable reclining than any other position.

We went to Mark's step-brother Ken's wedding in Orlando this past weekend. (yes, I just returned from Florida a week and a half ago)
The wedding was the usual array of beautiful bride, handsome groom, drunk groomsmen, yummy food, corny DJ, etc. Mark and I enjoyed seeing family that we rarely get to see. And I met many members of my new family for the first time. And we pretty much stayed in the hotel the whole 36 hours we were there. And we spent a total of 20 hours travelling. And I don't really like being on airplanes much. *sigh*

And last week Mark and I went to see Lisa Gerrard in concert at the Orpheum Theatre, an old opera house. The LA Times reviewed the show here. Thanks to Dez, I found out about it in time to buy tickets. Thank you, Dez! I basically sobbed with emotion the whole time. I was still floating the next day. The most beautiful sounds ever made by a human being, weaved into compositions of music. I can die more satisfied now.

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