Saturday, June 30, 2007

Celebrity Sighting

Last night Mark, a few of his fun Family Guy pals, and I went to see Live Free or Die Hard. Yes, not my first choice. I am just not that aggressive into going to see movies. That, and there just isn't that many that I usually want to see. So, Mark, who is way more into seeing movies than I am, usually (drags) takes me to a movie he is very excited about.
It was a very fun, completely over the top movie, and the guys were so into it that it was even more fun. At the opening credits, Mark's friend Dom shouted, 'John McClane!!!'. And everyone in the theatre cheered and applauded. Geeks.
The very best part was after the movie in the lobby. We were just standing around waiting for the bathrooms, when Geena Davis walks into the bathroom. She looked awesome. I think she is 50 years old, and still looks like she is 30. So I followed her into the bathroom. Don't worry, I didn't knock on her stall for an autograph. She was with a friend and her friends kid. When they came out they met up with a guy and walked out. Don't know who the guy was.

It is so fun to live where the celebrities do.

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