Friday, November 30, 2007

Dream Box

I read about using a 'dream box' in a book. I thought it was a great way to help visualize goals. If you desire something. Like calmness, a new home, a great job, etc. You gather visuals of this goal and keep them in the dream box. You can decorate the box and make it very special. Then you look at the pictures or drawings, or articles, imagine yourself in that environment, and eventually the path to them will appear.

I started a special dream box folder on my computer too. So far it is just pictures of my ideal interiors and environments. I go through it regularly, and I realized that my tastes have changed so much. I now love the cottage look. And I realized my favorite pictures are always with this gorgeous cool light. Of course, this
is still my ultimate dream.
Well I still live in my apartment in Burbank which looks nothing like the places in the photos. But someday. Someday....

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saffry said...

Pics one and three are definately to my style to. I love lots of wood and earth tones in the living rooms, but then I want black, white and Chrome/Steel in the kitchens and bathrooms.

I'm very impressed with anyone who can actually live in a home that always looks this good though. I tried for the clean look in the kitchen, putting all white dishes and glass in the open cabinets, but Dan always stuffs vitamin bottles and coffee mugs up there too. Oh well.

Have you ever picked up an issue of This Old House? I got a subscription when we moved, thinking I'd get handyman tips. But it's much more about high end renovations. Lots of pretty pictures.