Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getty Villa

Went to the Getty Villa with my friends Laurel and Paul last week. It is a special museum perched atop a big hill in Malibu and overlooking the ocean. Very valuable real estate.It was made with the sole purpose of housing J. Paul Getty's(one rich mo-fo) antiques. It was designed and built to resemble what experts believe would be the ideal villa in ancient Rome, right down to the marble and mosaic floors, outdoor Roman theatre, courtyards, and colums all over the place.
Here are a few of the highlights. I loved this fertility figure with her arms out. Considering the crude tools they had, the carving is really amazing. And the other pic of the grouping of carvings is from about 5000 - 7000 B.C. Mindblowing. That's old.
And then a nice shot of the peristyle under a sunset.

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