Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Days on Maui

Maui was beyond words amazing. There is so much to tell. Looking back through all the pics we took we realized that we did A LOT. No wonder I am tired. It is going to take a little while to sift through all the pics and show you the best.
The first night we went out to dinner to a place called Manana Garage. Awesome crabcakes and fish burritos. Halfway through dinner we realized that we had a dinner guest at the next table: Jack, an adorable orange and white kitty taken care of by the restaurant and neighbors. We went to visit Jack a few more times. Turns out Maui has a large population of strays.
The next day we hopped in our rental car and drove around, took a wrong turn and found an old amazing Buddhist graveyard. Then went back to the right road and found some amazing views on the North coast of West Maui. The road was pretty frightening, so we turned round to find some more food.

Here is a pic of a gorgeous wild beach we found and had all to ourselves. Mark picked up some coral that had washed ashore, but he returned it so Pele would not be mad.

And here are a few pics from the most incredible waterfall hike we took. It was us, the guide and one other couple. We saw three waterfalls, bamboo, wild ginger, ate wild berries, and climbed down the roots of an ancient fig tree.

There are so many more fun pics to show. More soon!

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