Monday, March 10, 2008

Watch Out!

Mark is on a two month hiatus from Family Guy. This is very common in the "industry", where there is a lull in between seasons for filming or animating. Most folks relax in that time or work on other projects. So I am thrilled to have him around, and of course thrilled to bee able to go somewhere romantic with him. And have him all to myself. All mine. Yeah.

But I realized something. After three months of my morning sickness not letting me go too far from my bathroom and being unemployed, bored, and lonely, I was desperate for company. Someone to talk to. Someone to hang out with. Someone to listen to my little observances and complaints. Someone to snuggle.

But hubby was looking forward to time to work on his artwork. Time to bend over his art table with his headphones shouting Judas Priest into his ears. Time to frantically paint a bunch of paintings for his group show coming up in July. *sigh* But I know giving him this time is the best way I can show my love right now. I am even moving my websurfing butt to the dining room to give him his own space to work. Alone.

But watch out next week, honey. In Maui, I will not leave you alone. I will fit two months worth of lovin' into 8 days. Watch out!

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