Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grandma Marion and Aunt Holly

Hanging out with Aunt Holly

Gramma Marion, Aunt Holly, and Aidric

Looks like a reach, but was probably a punch!

Mark's Mom, Marion, and his sister, Holly, came to visit from Nashville last week. They were a great help to us. And they were thrilled to meet Aidric, of course. They didn't seem to mind hanging out with us all day at all.

Man, oh, man do I miss having company now that everyone is gone and Mark is back to work. But Little Man keeps me quite busy, and I don't mind looking at him all day. Could do that forever and ever.
Except when finally I see an adult size head, it looks HUGE.

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ks1k said...

Neat photographs of neat people. I am so happy that you are keeping us all updated on what is going on with the BIG GUY.