Monday, May 26, 2008

2 Months To Go - Holy Crap

The past ten weeks have just sneaked speedily on by. Like greased lightening. Like quiet ninjas.

Here is the latest belly. We have been neglecting our belly growth documenting. Baby and I had a huge growth spurt over the past few weeks. On my 27 week visit my fundal height measured 27 cm. Right on target. Then at my 29 week visit I measured 31 cm. Twice the usual growth. And I had gained 4 pounds. It is so weird to get on the scale and see the numbers I am seeing. Plus I gained a bunch of weight in the first trimester, hardly any in the second, and now the third is really going full speed. If my belly keeps going at this rate, I will be in big trouble.

30 Weeks

Luckily, I have only 2 months for growth, but 2 months now feels like no time at all. And I am officially freaking out and nesting like nobody's business. On top of just getting stuff for Baby(heck, that seems like the easy part), I have already thrown out, given away, and tag saled so much stuff. I want that old cat-scratched Ikea clearance couch out of here. The storage in the garage is packed to the top with stuff. Oh my God, everything is so damn dirty all of a sudden. Can I just power spray everything down with bleach? Can't we just get all new grout, baseboards, floors, and windows? Like, now? Why do we have so much stuff? Throw it ALL out! And shave the cats; they shed too much. Oh, no EARTHQUAKES! Bolt everything down. I know whatever we don't will fall right on the baby. Replace all glass with plastic. We need smoke detectors every three feet. I need to meditate and visualize twice a day. Perineum massage. Lead paint? Circumcision? NAME??? Zzzzzzttt..pop, my brain just checked out.

I feel like I am always on Mark's heels. We gotta do this, gotta do that! Running out of time! What if Baby comes early? Aaackk!

But now is also the very best time of all, and I wish I could be 7 months pregnant for like 2 more months. I feel the best I have felt so far, and have energy to do yoga, walk, and swim. Baby is moving around so much that he wakes me up, and his movements are so strong they can make my body move. He flips all around, kicks, stretches out, hiccups, and plays tag with my pokes. I poke my belly here, and he pokes back. The most amazing thing ever. I love to sit back and watch my belly morph and bump with his acrobatics. I am feeling his presence more now. I am starting to feel a soul and a consciousness in there.

I am not ready for it to end so soon!


Anonymous said...

welcome to the joys and mysteries
of pregnancy and motherhood. You
will soon feel an emotion
you have never felt before, and
it's all because of a little "person" maybe with no hair
and of course no teeth.
you also look great!

saffry said...

I love reading your reactions to upcoming motherhood. Much more poetical than I could ever have been.

AllBeehive said...

You are so pretty. You've alway been pretty, but whoa gorgeous. Love the belly shots.

paintrly1 said...

Thank you all so much! You don't know how much I needed your nice words!

Kristin C. said...

Look at you!

I love that first paragrahofstreamingthoughts! That was great.

I can't even believe it's been that long either...and I just read your blog! Time has flown for you...I wish you had a few more months to enjoy this time as well. BUT...if you waited that long...your perineal massage wouldn't be worth SQUAT! If you know what I'm saying...

saffry said...

Okay, I gotta ask. You're hippie enough to do a home birth but you haven't decided against circumcision yet? Would it help to know that even boring, stodgy old me decided against it?

paintrly1 said...

Well, maybe I am just a bit. A modern hippie who wears makeup and leather shoes.

Actually the circumcision angst is over the fact that Mark and I disagree.

AllBeehive said...

Oooh cicumcision arguments. Dave and I don't even have a boy and every time it comes up, we argue about it. He is pro cirumcision and I don't think it is that cut and dry. (ha ha) And he didn't sit outside the hospital nursery the day Hadley was getting her hearing test and there was a line of boys all getting it down. It's male genital mutilation.

saffry said...

I just couldn't see any good reason to have non-essential surgery on an infant. Nature made boys with foreskins, who are we to mess with that.

I did have trouble reasoning away the fear that Nathan would be "different" from his classmates. But it helped that in D.C., with a large immigrant population, that the uncircumcised percentage was higher than the nationwide. And I firmly believe the tide is turning and it's the circumcised that will be back in the minority soon. And here's the charts to back me up.

paintrly1 said...

Thanks, Amy! I totally agree with you and Christy. Another thing I can use in my argument with Mark! When I saw pictures and illustrations of circumcision, I needed no further convincing.