Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Palm Springs

Mark and I went to palm Springs last weekend to attend an art opening at the M Modern Gallery in which he had a painting. The theme was Tiki, which I surmised was much more a boy thing than a girl one. Here is Mark with his painting, and a nice red dot next to it.

He was worried that he might not sell it, but I knew he would. I personally do not like art openings. There are too many strangers who are all looking for free booze, and hardly anyone is looking at the paintings. At least those who are serious buyers don't mind.

Well, I love any excuse to get out of LA County, and our good friends, Jeff and Rich, invited us to stay for the weekend in Palm Springs. They are the best hosts with lots of booze, fun friends, a huge gorgeous house, and a pool.They took us the The Living Desert, where they take care of rescued animals, and keep desert plants. It was a real hot day, and most of the critters were hiding, and the plants were pretty burnt, but it was still thrilling to see the big birds:
This guy was giving me the stink eye.

And this amazing Golden Eagle was using his water dish as a little pool.

And these wolves were taking a late afternoon nap. I thought they were definitely lovers.

And I can't believe these guys stayed still for me.

And on Sunday we went to brunch at this amazing place (can't remember the name - must be the hormones), with more food than I have ever seen in one place, and a Mariachi band. I think Jeff has a crush on the singer:

Here is Jeff and Rich, enjoying the serenade.

You can get married in California now, guys. Yay!

Then we went back to the house and sat by the pool, sunning our bloated bellies. Ahhhhhhhhh. Except I stayed out of the sun to protect my super-sensitive pregnancy skin. And I couldn't drink margaritas by the pool, or have champagne at the brunch. But that's okay, I will make up for all that in due time.
I think we need to go back there again this weekend.

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Kristin C. said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend...pool, sun, yummy food, art, fun field trip!