Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Met

While we were on the East Coast, Mark and I made a point to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the most amazing places on Earth. It was so nice to go back, and to be in New York, even though we spent a lot of time walking around saying,'I thought it was on this street! Maybe it's on Lexington and 62nd? Was it Madison and 82nd?'
So I found another Van Gogh that I swear wasn't on the wall the last time I was there. Either way, it's my new favorite. A tree by a field. So lovely, the colors sing together.
A sensitive portrait stuck in a glass cabinet. It's a portrait of the artist's wife, and you can tell he loved her so much.
The stairs from the Chicago Stock Market building. Perfect Art Deco/Nouveau craftsmanship. I love these stairs, and will have them recreated in my home someday.
This sculpture stands near the stairs. So beautiful.
After the day was through, I realized that there is nothing better than having a husband who WANTS to go to the Met with me. And that Tiepolo still sets me on fire, he's so brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

The bit about having a husbands who WANTS to go to the Met is perfect. That's the kind of thing that lets you know you've found the right guy. I have silly things that make me think of that. For example: on my 18th birthday we (you and Roxy and I) went to the drive-in and a guy tried to pick me up. I was telling him that for my b-day I'd bought myself a nice set of The Lord of the Rings books, but he'd never heard of Tolkein. So I wrong numbered him and did not go with him to have a rockin time at Aerosmith. And now I'm married to a man whose favorite books are LOTR.