Monday, October 09, 2006


To celebrate Mark's father's birthday on September 24th, Mark, Max(dad), Peggy, Katrina, and I went to the East Side restaraunt in New Britain, CT. It is a German place with supposedly fantastic prime rib. They were out of prime rib though that night, along with many other types of meat. This was very disappointing to all the carnivores. Anyway, they (the waitresses, garbed in wench costumes) make you wear silly hats, and they sing when you order the big beer, which Mark and Max did (note size of said beers in pic). All night long we heard the cheer, 'Tikki, Tokki, Tikki, Tokki, oi, oi, oi!!' And everyone chimes in. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Laurel said...

Hi! So sorry- I kept saying to myself, "tell Joy your email, tell Joy your email" but then I would get off the computer before I remembered to do so! I have a new email and it is
Yeah! Now we can talk. I miss you very much Joy, there is so much to talk about. Are you still working for Rick?