Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Miss You Too

Dave was kind enough to point out that I haven't posted in a while. In over a month! Don't cry! Here is a little update. I worked on a portrait commission, and then flew with Mark to Nashville to see his Mom and Sis. Then we celebrated the New Year's arrival at our friend Chris's house, to which I brought the famous macaroons.
The portrait was such a major project. A child's face is the most difficult thing in the world to paint. I would rather paint a cut crystal bowl full of hershey's kisses, or a trompe of a dollar bill. But I think it turned out okay.

The trip to Nashville was wonderful and completely relaxing, which made up for the punitive plane rides. After 3 years in LA, the rolling green hills, ponds, and farms were such a gorgeous sight. And there were ducks! and chickens! and donkeys! Oh, my!
Mom Marion and Holly were so fun, and we were all thrilled to spend the time together.

I have never been a big New Year's Eve celebrating person. Midnight is just so late, dammit. But I do like the idea of setting new goals and intentions for the year. When I figure them out, I will let you know.
I made macaroons to bring to the New Year's Eve party, and people flipped out over them.
Here is the recipe for the most amazing, sinful cookie you will ever have. It's like putting a creamy, chewy, sweet piece of heaven in your mouth. I am not kidding. Make these for someone you love. Hopefully, they like coconut. I bake stuff all the time, and these macaroons get the most attention. Almost as much as the whoopie pies. There are many other recipes for the whoopie pie, but Mark forbids me to try them out.

So there you have it. Portrait, ducks, and macaroons.


Dave said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, exhale! thanks joy!
happy new year!
wow, the portrait is amazing. you have quite a talent. you can paint trucks, fruit AND people.
mmmmmmmm, macaroons.

AllBeehive said...

Holy crap that painting is good! The extra time was definitely worth it.

ks1k said...

Welcome back Joy. I keep looking but no new posts in a while. Great portrait. Just what we expect from you :-)