Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Year of Yoga!

Last year I made a resolution to become a yogi. It has been a fun, challenging, and introspective path. I have become so amazed at what my body can do and how I can listen to it. And I have been even more amazed at how my mind and soul have become so quiet and tolerant and more loving.
When I was a kid, I loved tumbling, climbing, playing on the swingset. And later, I jogged and did aerobics. But now, yoga is so much fun. I cannot wait to go to class, and I am always bummed when class is over. For 90 minutes my mind, spirit and body are all one, focused, working together. And the feeling of each pose and it's effect on me are so exciting. After handstands, I feel euphoric. After warrior poses, I feel so powerful. And after backbends, I feel so energized and a little high. Backbends are my absolute favorite pose.
When I have a breakthrough(successfully doing a pose after months of trying), it is such an exhilarating feeling. Here are pictures of poses that I worked and worked towards and finally got. (Well, the backbends come naturally, but the arm balances were a struggle. And the handstand I can stick for a few seconds!) Dropping back into a backbend and getting back up has been the most exciting breakthrough. And I love to see the person in class who can do a pose I can't yet, and I feel thrilled and admiration for them, and it makes me try harder.
I still need to build strength. My flexibility is there, but yoga is about the balance of the strength and flexibility. Yoga is still 100 times tougher than any gym class or video I have tried, and I love the challenge.


saffry said...

Wow! Just, Wow. That's amazing.

I've looked at the schedule of our Yoga place many times, because I know that the stretching and strength exercises would be good for my arthritis. I'm torn between thinking I'll have more time when the kids are older, and knowing that I could use some de-stress time now when they're young. Someday.

Kristin C. said...

Lady, you're awesome! These poses are amazing! Jeez. I guess it's something to aspire to, right? Have you found a good home DVD to do yoga with if unable to get to the studio?