Tuesday, January 29, 2008


13 weeks

This is not easy for me. I have never owned a belly shirt. I always wore a t-shirt over my bathing suit. I wear baggy yoga pants. Not too many people have seen my uncovered soft, pale underbelly. I have always struggled with my self image. If I didn't look like some skinny actress, well I just wasn't thin enough. Some girls are just naturally small, but not me. And I can't believe how the pregnancy hormones are making me even more 'robust.' How does one gain weight from hardly eating and throwing up for a month?

So this is not easy, but liberating for me. And fun. Mark and I are very excited to document the amazing changes that are going to happen. There won't be too much belly growth for a while, so be patient!


ks1k said...

You said "Not too many people have seen my uncovered soft, pale underbelly."

I have. Lots of times, from day one.


AllBeehive said...

You're all svelte with hot jugs. You don't even look pregnant!

saffry said...

I kind of went overboard in rejecting the whole diet culture, which wasn't the best way to go either.

Hopefully this time of embracing your womanly curves will help you find the happy, healthy medium between stick figure and, um, well, me!