Saturday, February 02, 2008

What Am I, A Bird?

Yesterday, I decided that I had to go through all my clothes, and pick out two big bag's worth to give away. But why is it so hard for me to get rid of clothes? Why, yes, I will fit into these jeans again, so I'll just keep those, besides they cost $70! And this purple 80's shirt with butterflies on it, well, sure I have worn it once, but it is so pretty and funky. And, yes, I DO need 20 pairs of bras!
Problem is, I have one 3 foot wide closet to hold my shoes, fancies, and workout gear. And one 3 drawer dresser from Ikea to hold everything else.
It just doesn't seem like a lot of storage for me. I don't think I am a clothes whore. What do you have for clothes? Should I be able to fit everything into these spaces? I just hate to throw out good clothes, but I have to make room for a new person to live here! Yaaaaaayyy! Guess who is going to get the Ikea dresser for diapers and onesies? Not Mark!

So what to do? Then I decided that the studio/office room, which is a little bigger than the bedroom, needs to be the new sleeping, clothes, baby room. It is a whole whopping 11'X 13'. What are we going to do with all that space? Just for fun, I made a small scale drawing of the room, and cut out to-scale pieces of paper. I figured out the bigger room could hold a bed, dresser, crib, and YES, even a new wardrobe! And still have room to walk around in it. We will get to paint the walls a new fun color. and maybe even get new curtains. Glee!

The current bedroom is 10'X 12', so it will be the new studio. Now we have to figure out how all of our stuff is going to fit into the smaller room. So I started to go through everything in the studio, throwing things away, and packing lots of more stuff into bins which I can put s o m e where.....uhhh.... in the garage! Okay, now we have to clean out the garage! Oh, boy!

Weird thing is that I am completely psyched to do all this. Sure I am unemployed and bored, but I am feeling this very strong (nesting)need to make a functional, comfy place to live.

So how have you tackled the getting house ready for baby thing?


ks1k said...

We were so lucky when you came along. We had a 5-bedroom, 3-bath, house. One bedroom and bath were for the maid. When you came along you had your own room. There was even one bedroom left over. This was in the Philippines and you may not remember much of that.

Next we went to Italy where you and your sister shared a bedroom when we lived in town. I think you each had your own room when we moved onto the base.

Then we lived in Connecticut and you each had your own bedroom there.

I guess we were just lucky, except in town in Italy.

Yes, you are nesting.


AllBeehive said...

Do you have room under your bed for clothes? I have 3 under the bed boxes (on wheels) for my spring/summer wardrobe as I keep my fall winter warddrobe in the closet.

That is not to say that you shouldn't clean out your closet once a year. If you haven't worn something in over a year, toss it. OR if it's something fun and special save it in a "costume bin".

saffry said...

I can say with certainty that all your clothes won't fit in the IKEA dresser, because I have the same one. We've played musical dressers around here. I gave the Ikea one to Nathan when Claire came around, and she got his because it matched the crib. Now we use the crib dresser for towels and Claire has a rinky-dinky pink thing we got at Wal-mart. Which was fine for onesies, but doesn't do so well when full of sweaters, footy pajamas and long pants.

I was thrilled to get an antique dresser that Dan found, until I got it home and discovered that the drawers don't slide in and out without a LOT of effort. Makes me want to steal back the IKEA, if only it had separate sock and underwear drawers.

I like underbed boxes too. I got a bunch of cardboard ones in the laundry aisle at Target and have used them to organize hand-me-downs. Everything got thrown into a labeled box as it was outgrown, and then it was easy to pull things out when Claire was born, or to arrange to give-away through freecycle. And you may also get clothes that are too big, either buying on sale or from people who like to give older clothes as gifts, so the boxes are good for keeping those too.

paintrly1 said...

Thanks for all the great tips! I will get some under-bed bins. Although we don't really have seasons here, I can still put the rarely worn things under there. Like my goth clothes.