Monday, February 25, 2008


I did not mean to sound negative in my last post about pregnancy. Yes, I have not had the greatest time the past three months, but I am so happy now. I feel the love!

Here are some of the changes that have been happening:

1. Don't like coffee. For the past three months the smell has made me gag. Now I just don't want any, doesn't taste so good. I used to love coffee. It was special treat. I miss it.

2. Same goes for garlic.

3. Well, the same pretty much goes for all food now, too. I used to simply adore food. Now all I want is grapes, salt, and corn flakes.

4. Because of a cantaloupe in my belly, I can no longer touch my toes or put my foot behind my head.

5. Has everyone always driven like maniacs? I have precious cargo here! Slow down!

6. My boobs are now farcical in size. I mean really, is that necessary?

7. Babies and Mothers are even more miraculous to me.

8. Today I feel better than I have since December 9th.

9. Things like dishwashers and washer and dryers seem even more magical and elusive.

I also know that this is nothing at all compared to the changes that are on the way!

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saffry said...

Okay, you do know that putting your foot behind your head is something that most people can't do even when they aren't pregnant.