Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moment of Weakness

There are the most wonderful vintage , antique and second hand shops in Burbank. I was very bored the other day and went to It's A Wrap looking for a little something to cheer me up. It is where I found this:

But I didn't find anything there so I went over to a vintage shop that has mostly 40's and 50's stuff. I was just about to leave and the owner, in between cigarette puffs and coughing fits, told me to check out the shoes. Umm, ok. I know I shouldn't because I have heard that pregnancy can permanently change your shoe size. Well, I found out that I have 40's feet. I cannot wear anything made today with any kind of heel. But I can wear these 40's shoes with no pain. Miracle. So I talked the price down and got them. And I love them, even if I wear them only a couple of times.


saffry said...

I would love to have shoes like that!!

You may luck out with the foot issue. I know that at the end of my first pg my feet bore a striking resemblance to Fred Flinstone's. But then the sprang back to normal afterwards. I may have gone up 1/2 size, but it wasn't terribly noticeable.

But the second pg and/or the RA has killed my feet, and now I'm back in Flinstone land permanently. No heels for me!

AllBeehive said...

Those are so cute. Everyone I know grew a size when they were pregnant. I know because I got all of my friend Molly's shoes. I did not swell at all when I was pregnant, and I have super wide feet anyway, but I have noticed that all of my shoes are a little snug these days. And since I met DG, I am so over heels.