Thursday, February 07, 2008

Take It Easy

This is me.

Tuesday was a little stressful. I went to see Dr. Sofya. I call her Dr. Sofya because her last name is Tsya-can't-pronounce-to-save-my-life-ska. I went in last minute because things were happening in my baby making parts that weren't supposed to be. Turns out the baby's house is sitting low, too close to the exit. It's not dangerous, but I have to 'take it easy' for the next 4 weeks until everything starts moving upwards, away from the exit. She did a sonogram and the little thing is moving around like crazy with a big old strong heart. My blood pressure is 95/65 and I finally stopped gaining weight.(They say that weight gain isn't supposed to start until the 4th month. Shut up.)
I said, "Take it easy? I don't do that."
Dr. Sofya says, "No sex and no heavy lifting." Oops, I didn't tell her about all the moving of boxes and all the aerobics and handstands I have been doing.
"But that's all I do now; I'm unemployed", I said.
Dr. Sofya smiles, "No."
"Can I do yoga?"
"Can I go to the gym?"
"Can I go for a walk?"
"Just take it easy."
So I can go for easy walks. I really need some new hobbies now. My old hobbies of sex and heavy lifting are on the back burner.


Kristin C. said...

Man those were GOOD hobbies too!! Maybe you could take up checkers or knitting...those are lo inmpact activities :-)

But really...bummer that you have to take your activity level down a notch or too. But is's all worth it for the little one!

ks1k said...

Yup, find a low/no impact hobby. Paint something nice.

Really, take it easy for a change.


paintrly1 said...

Thanks, Dad and Kristin, for the encouragement! I will do anything for the well being of the little one.