Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stuff For Baby

Pretty soon, we will hopefully know the gender of Baby Covell. And I know already that there are very excited Grandparents who are trembling with baby shopping anticipation.

So my question is: Do you have any recommendations for where to register? And what things are necessary and what things are a waste of space? I have looked on BabysRUS and Target, but I just don't know. Maybe it doesn't really matter, and I just like obsessing over these things!

Yesterday I went to It's A Wrap, a store here in town to which all the TV and movie studios give props and the amazing clothes from their wardrobe departments when they don't need them anymore. They had baby and kid's clothes there, and they were so cute and from really nice labels, but very gender specific, so I couldn't get anything. (How's that for a run on sentence?) Anyway, it was frustrating.


AllBeehive said...

I'm making a list for you of all the things you will need!

Also, I would suggest Babies R Us because they have a bigger selection of things because that is all they do.

Wanted to comment on your VD post too just to say that I love the LOVE story of you and Mark and could read it over and over again.

paintrly1 said...

Thanks, Christy! You are the bestof the best!!
I am glad you love our story, too. It could have been soooo long, but I kept it short!