Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Aaaaaannnnd, GO!

We learned in our childbirth classes the signs of early labor. They are:
1. Losing the mucous plug.
2. Breaking of the water.
3. Contractions.

During the first stages of early labor (which can last weeks), the cervix softens, begins to thin out, and dilate. Contractions last from 10 to 45 seconds and are spaced out. One thing they don't dramatize on TV is the 'mucous plug'. What a horrible term. My doula likes to call it 'baby gel'. Much nicer. But they don't tell you that it means you basically leak 'baby gel' constantly for who knows how long. I have to wear Depends now.

Well, Monday night I had signs #1 and #3. And the contractions started very energetically, every 5 minutes. So we were very excited! But by morning , the contractions pretty much subsided. I did not sleep. There is no way one can sleep through contractions. It would be like sleeping through an Indian burn.

So Tuesday goes by without any real contractions. My midwife tells me that this stage of labor can last a week. Now I'm confused and a bit frustrated and very excited. And I get to sleep Tuesday night (heaven). Around 5:30 Wednesday morning, more contractions. But now they feel low and come every 20 minutes or so. And I can sleep in between them.
All day Wednesday, I get occasional contractions. I feel more optimistic that this is a good sign. I can tell Baby Boy is very, very low now. There is nothing like the feeling of a head inside your pelvis.

Well, there is the update. This stage may last a while. But I really hope not. Going to have a good talk with BB tonite about the virtues of punctuality.


Lynn said...

Ah, oxytocin! Do you do visualizations?
I want to say "Hang in there!" and "Hold on!", but neither sounds quite right :), so "Tally ho!" :D

AllBeehive said...

I think having a baby on 8.8.08 would be so fun and lucky too. Maybe he's holding out for the PERFECT day. I will visualize that for you.

ks1k said...

Well, we are just watching and waiting as you are. Any minute now.

How 'bout 08-08-08 at 0808?