Saturday, August 09, 2008

Prodromal Labor

I wasn't sure if I was going to write about this. Partly because by writing, it becomes more real. And partly because I want to keep positive about this part of the pregnancy. And partly because I don't want to sound negative or complaining.
I am positive and so happy. Positive about the birth and health of Baby Boy. I have had a wonderful pregnancy - being able to go to yoga, and go for walks, and feeling so strong.

But I have not slept since Sunday night. Well, I mean, slept more than 20 minutes at a time, except for a few blissful hours Tuesday night. I have what my midwife calls 'prodromal labor'. Which basically means my uterus is doing all the things that a laboring uterus should do, like contract. A lot. With pain. But with no advancement. And no end. The prodromal, or false labor, hurts just as much as true labor. The only difference is no baby.

During the day, it is better. Something to do with estrogen levels. But since Monday night, the contractions come every 4 to 10 minutes all night long. During the day, I can actually go out and function somewhat normally. But starting at about 1 am and going to 9 am, I am contracting like crazy.

So I have been enduring this for 5 nights. All I can do is pray that true labor will start and end the nighttime torture and sleeplessness. For some women this goes on for weeks. There is nothing I can do. This does not mean there is anything wrong. I am healthy. Baby is healthy. My uterus is just a super uterus, and she likes to really, really prepare and practice. My sanity is paying the price, though. One positive thing - when true labor finally happens, it should seem like a piece of cake compared to this. I hope I didn't just curse myself.

I had never heard of this, even with the stacks of pregnancy books I have read. I just have to sleep and rest when I can. I have loved getting all your notes of excitement and anticipation. And the grandparents-to-be call with hopes of new news. But please accept my apologies for not answering the phone right now, or getting back to you.
I need to just get through this because the most beautiful baby is waiting for me to be strong and be there for him 100%.


Kristin C. said...

Can we get a "T", an "R", a "U", an "E"??!!

Rah Rah Sis Boom BA!


That's my hope and Cheer for you in Cali. *Hugs*

Lynn said...

I'm hoping you're not too miserable to imagine breathing in the beautiful sea air on Monhegan island with the fam all happy and snug around you. I am sorry you are suffering.

Lynn said...

So you don't want to try to push the oxytocin...

Lynn said...

paintrly1 said...


Thank you so much for the link and for the words of encouragement! No, I am not suffering. This is all a part of this amazing process, and I am opening and accepting it all!

Lynn said...

Well, I am very happy that I misinterpreted your post! :)

Lynn said...

Hope you're still doing okay. My mother said that her uterus was weak when she had me at 36.